Saturday, January 15, 2011

"There are no words"

Today we had the pleasure of making another trip to Chuntrun.

This time Monte's parents were able to go with us, as they are here for ten days to visit us and to work with us. Today Jesus had a Bible study scheduled in the home of Maria and Natividad and I loved getting to visit with them in their home.

When we visit Chuntrun, we get to enjoy the immense beauty of God's creation that often leaves me speechless. But here's an image from today's Bible study that I thought you might enjoy. I do love it when a chicken wanders in to the study.

Jesus did a great job of teaching the class and Monte, Carlos, and Josue each led songs. At the end, Jesus led a song that I have only learned in the past week but that really affects me when I sing it. It's called "Hay Momentos" and the words to the first verse are: "Hay momentos que las palabras no alcanzan para decirte lo que siento por ti mi buen Jesus." Translated literally to English, they mean: "There are moments that the words do not reach to tell you what I feel for you my good one Jesus." How powerful and so true!

On a day like today when I sit in a home of two sweet sisters while we worship God together and share God's word with their neighbors and family is truly a moment when "there are no words." God is good and has blessed us tremendously. I look forward to worshipping Him again tomorrow with our church family in La Palma and then tomorrow night in Ocotepeque.


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