Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday night

Yesterday just seemed very busy and I didn't get any blogging done. All day long I checked Facebook whenever I had a few minutes because a friend of ours was receiving a kidney yesterday in St. Louis and we were continually watching for updates on his condition. We were joining in prayer with friends across the United States and in other countries to beseech God to help the surgeons, the donor, and our friend. The surgery went well and the kidney is now doing its job and the doctors are happy with the way things have gone. And now friends of the family are posting of their prayers of thanks to God for the successful surgery and ongoing prayers for no rejection of the kidney. Isn't it a blessing that even though we are so far away, the wonders of technology help people around the world share with each other that they are all praying for the same thing? What an amazing blessing to be a part of the huge family of God.

I did get pictures out the kitchen window. However, I have tried three times to upload them but for some reason, Blogger isn't letting them upload. I guess I'll try again tomorrow.

Jose is hopefully going to San Salvador tomorrow and I have sent money with him so that hopefully I will have a cake pan, muffin pan, and flour by Sunday! The only flour I have found here is rice flour or corn flour. And I haven't found any metal baking pans of any size. I'm hopeful that next week I can bake.

Ruth had some stomach issues yesterday but is much better today and now we are all well. It's been raining steadily for nearly two hours now, but that hasn't dampened the spirits of a neighbor nearby who thinks we all want to listen to the bass line of his favorite songs. Despite the noise/vibration, I'm heading to bed and hoping that he runs out of energy soon. I know I already have. :)

Good night.
Love, Lori


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