Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rainy season...

It's the rainy season here in El Salvador. And Saturday we experienced how it can change your plans. We had a very productive morning (read Monte's account of it here: ) and were looking forward to a productive afternoon. But then the rain started. We were at the hotel and it rained, and rained, and rained. Here's a view outside our hotel room during the rain. I took the time to catch a nap at that point and when I got up it was still raining. There was nothing we could accomplish so we just waited...and waited...and waited. We'd planned on going to enjoy some "gringas" at a local restaurant for dinner but about 4:00 Monte said, "I think we're going to eat here at the hotel tonight." I got out my travel Scrabble game and we played that a bit before dinner and then after dinner we got out our DVDs that we brought and watched a movie on the laptop before going to bed to the sound of rolling thunder in the distance. It wasn't a productive afternoon but we enjoyed some family time together during the course of it. We all continue to be healthy and well and are looking forward to Sunday morning worship with our La Palma family.
Love, Lori


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