Monday, July 26, 2010

Just another manic Monday...

Today was a full day. We got the rest of our things brought to our house and Ruth and I headed shopping for basic food items as well as things like plastic containers (a MUST in the humidity here) and rugs and hangers and brooms and queen sized sheets. The hardest item to find was queen sheets. Several stores had only full size sheets and some tried to tell me they were queen size but when we looked at the dimensions we knew they weren't. In the end I decided to go home and measure our mattress for certain and return later to buy the sheets.

Unfortunately, when I was ready to go out, it was pouring rain. But Ruth set out with me and we traipsed through the rain to get our last few items we needed. I found a set with Mickey Mouse that said queen size and the dimensions were right but at the last minute I noticed that it was a flat sheet and a duvet cover...kind of strange as a combination, huh? At last I found what is probably the only queen size set of sheets in any store in La Palma but the dimensions of our bed are 160 cm x 200 cm and it said it was 152 cm x 208 cm. I hoped it would work and purchased it. I'm happy to say that it fits! Funny how hard something that would be so simple in the States can be.

We got back from our final shopping trip about 5:15 and church services are at 6:00. (They have an activity almost every evening) So we quickly ate a bite and headed out the door. I don't feel like I sat down all day until just now. I feel like I've run a marathon today.

The kids are doing great. Ruth was excellent during our rainy shopping trip and didn't complain about the rain at all. Nathan is doing well for not having his friends to play with and being intermittently bored. They're both picking up a lot of Spanish and Ruth can understand a lot of what people are saying now but has trouble figuring out how to put a sentence together.

My kitchen cabinets are piled with the groceries we bought today because there are no cabinets in it. So tomorrow I will venture out to find some kind of plastic shelving unit to use in the kitchen.

We have a washing machine but no dryer right now. Our plan was to see if we could get by without a dryer. The problem is that right now we are having rain every afternoon from about 1:00 till late at night. So I'll give it a couple more days and see if we can work out a system to get the clothes hung out in the morning and make that frantic dash to get them off the line as the first drops of rain fall in the afternoon.

Tomorrow will be a day of organizing. The Christian school next door starts at 7:00 and there is a loud bell that rings to signal the beginning of the day. In the event we are not yet awake, that is when our day will start. I look forward to what Tuesday brings.

Love, Lori


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