Friday, July 23, 2010

Hitting the ground...

As much as we would like to have "hit the ground running" we realize that we have to pace ourselves--at least in the beginning--as we begin our life and work in El Salvador. When I come here with short-term mission trips, we work at a hearty pace but realistically in coming for a longer term (and with two kids) we have to be more cautious not to run ourselves ragged and get down and sick. We went to the beach yesterday with the kids and then enjoyed a delicious seafood lunch at a hotel on the beach. We stopped in San Salvador at a Super Selectos (a smaller scale WalMart Supercenter) and picked up several things that are either hard to find in La Palma or are just cheaper in San Salvador. Among them were ice cube trays, Heinz ketchup (the kind in La Palma is really sweet and I don't care for it), non-stick skillets, laundry detergent in a big package, Ranch salad dressing, and various cleaning products. But Monte was the hero when he stumbled upon cans of Dr. Pepper! They were 75 cents each and we got 4 to save back for a special occasion. :) We have never found it in El Salvador and had been told it wasn't available but these have the special Ironman cans that we've been seeing in the U.S. so maybe they're just now available.

We then made a quick stop at Office Depot in San Salvador to pick up a printer. The store layout was very much like the U.S. ones and we were able to quickly find what we needed and be done.

The traffic in San Salvador is always terrible. There seems to be no real rules other than honk and keep on driving. But as we headed up one 6-lane road we began to realize something was on the road. It was kind of sticky and dark and we began to smell it and realized it was molasses! We continued driving but traffic was slowing down because of the problem. In face, it was...go ahead and slow as molasses. In some places it was nearly an inch thick and the cars that drove through the thickest part were getting splattered with it from the vehicles in front of them. As we crested a hill at least a mile later, the offending tanker truck was pulled off to the side of the road with a couple of police cars and news cameras. I'm posting a pic of a driver education school car that has been splattered with it. I can't imagine cleaning that off of your car.

We were greeted in La Palma at the hotel with a banner that the staff had made for us--in English! It was such a sweet gesture and they work so hard to make sure that when our group comes we have everything we need.

Salvador, the owner of the hotel, arranged for a local man who makes clay pots to come today and show the kids how he makes them. We all got to try our hand at pottery. It was fun for all of us. His assistant also told us that he has a projector if the kids get bored and want to watch a movie and they can project it on the wall out in the meeting room.
We went today and showed the kids where we'll be living and I think we'll all adjust to the accomodations. We shopped for some of the furniture we'll be needing and may be able to get it delivered tomorrow (Saturday). If we can, we might be able to sleep in our new place as soon as Saturday night, but Monday is more realistic. We're all anxious to stop living out of our carry-on suitcases and ready to be in beds that we can call our own. We are all healthy and well. Thank you to everyone who is supporting us in this endeavor. We could not be here and undertaking this work without you.

Love, Lori

P.S. Both Grandmas sent presents to the kids and I got pictures of Nathan with both of his in the hotel in San Salvador. He is snuggling with the bear from Grandma McClurg as he went to bed Wednesday night and reading the book from Grandma Lalli in bed the next morning. Thanks, Grandmas! :)


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