Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Always be ready...

One thing we've learned from our recent visits here is to always be prepared to teach, pray, lead songs, or any combination of the above. (Kind of reminds you of 2 Timothy 4:2, doesn't it?) Friday afternoons is the regularly scheduled ladies class and last Friday I was prepared to lead a song if Jose asked me to help with that but I hadn't brushed up on my "prayer phrases" in Spanish. As I've learned Spanish, I have groups of words that I'm more familiar with but I've had to learn the way to phrase words appropriately for prayers so that my Spanish is understandable to the women. (One thing to note is that the word for "fish" is "pescado" and the word for "sin" is "pecado" so I've heard of people asking for God to "forgive their fishes"...trying not to make that mistake! LOL) Although I think this is a part of Romans 8:26-27 and that the Holy Spirit knows what I'm trying to say, I don't want to appear irreverent in my prayers. So, since that was something I hadn't brushed up on lately, guess what Jose asked me to do at the end of class? Yep...as class ended he said that Sister Anna would lead one final song and then that Sister Lori would lead a closing prayer. I tried not to panic and quickly grabbed a piece of paper and scribbled some notes during the song and tried to keep my brain from freezing up as I recalled the appropriate verb tenses I needed. In the end, I think everything I made sense to the listeners and I didn't offend anyone with an incorrect word.

Then after class the ladies and Jose continued making plans for their Ladies Day that will be on December 4th. They had already begun planning but every Friday they continue the plans and get a few more details worked out. They talked for a while about the food arrangements and what kind of take-home gifts they would have for all of the ladies who come and how they will pay for it. In the end, they needed $9 to pay for the wooden keychains that Trinidad is going to paint for all the ladies so Jose suggested that everyone who can put in $1 for it. We collected $7 of it on the spot that way and several others have said they'll bring money next week. They're now checking out options for the food and will talk more about it next week also. During the process of this meeting, I found out that I have been voted as the speaker for this Ladies Day. Panic first set in. Then Philippians 4:13. Then a little more panic. When I've taught classes here before in Spanish I've had at most 20 ladies at a time and I know them and they're very forgiving and helpful if I need assistance with a word. A group of 150 ladies that I don't know is a bit more daunting and means I need to get the lesson prepared way ahead of time so I can practice the words I need. I'm honored to be asked but can't say I'm not a lot stressed about it, too. I'm going to need to read my favorite verse, 2 Timothy 1:7 a lot between now and then. :)

So since I bragged a little on Nathan in the last post, let me take a few minutes to brag on Ruth this time. She has become quite popular with the little girls around here. Vanessa and Victoria come running with big hugs for her whenever they see her. Roxanna fought for a seat by her one Sunday. And Ruth has plenty of hugs and love to go around for all of them. But one little girl that has captured all of our hearts is little Selena. Here's a picture of her with Ruth the first Sunday in August. Selena has these gorgeous eyes that are filled with joy. She always has a beautiful, sincere smile on here face and you just want to keep hanging on when she hugs you. Last night as we headed to church it had been raining and there was a breeze in the air making it kind of chilly, so I told Ruth and Nathan they might want to take a jacket or sweatshirt. As services started, Selena arrived a few minutes late and scooted in to sit by me. She lives the equivalent of 2-3 blocks from church and had walked in the rain with her mom without an umbrella. She was quite wet and chilly so I put my arm around her. Ruth was right behind me and could see how wet she was so she offered her sweatshirt to Selena. I wrapped it around her and she snuggled her arms into the warmth of it. When church ended, I told her she needed a jacket on a night like tonight and asked if she had one at home. She said she didn't. Ruth and I will be heading out shortly to go find for a jacket of some kind for sweet little Selena.

I have several pictures of amazing, gross, and icky creatures we've encountered in recent weeks but I'll save those for another post. Ruth and I are going out to do some shopping. :)


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