Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A follow-up from yesterday

Yesterday Ruth and I were able to get out and find a jacket/coat for Selena and Jose was free in the afternoon for a bit so he took us to go visit her and her mother. I had seen where she lived but had hoped it was better than my first impressions. Sadly, it was not. Here's a picture of Selena showing us one of her toys. You can see nearly all of one side of the house in this picture. It is wide enough for a bed on the left (that's an older brother or cousin on it) that was bigger than a twin but smaller than a double, then a dresser, and a bunk bed. I was guessing it was about 10 feet wide. It's slightly longer the other direction--perhaps 12 feet. Her mom, Rosa, welcomed us into their home and went and borrowed plastic chairs from the neighbors to have chairs for all of us. Selena opened the bag with her coat in it and her eyes lit up and she had an enormous smile on her face. We also had put some packages of cookies in the bag and she was very excited about the "galletas" in there. Ruth got a big hug from Selena. And then Selena took Ruth outside to show her the puppies that were yapping out back. After that, they came back in and Selena showed Ruth some of her notebooks from school. Jose was I and were able to visit with her mother and encourage her to come to the Friday ladies' class. She used to come but hasn't lately. It began to rain harder while we were visiting and the roof leaks in a few spots so Rosa was concerned we needed to move our chairs and avoid getting wet. We assured her we were fine and a little rain wouldn't hurt us. We were happy we got to visit with them for a bit. Ruth got lots of hugs from Selena during the visit. During our conversation, Rosa spoke with Jose about the sponsorship program and said that it has been helpful for her family. It was a good afternoon.

Yesterday I also found out where I can buy fresh fish and shrimp every week. There are trucks that drive through town selling them but they can be hard to find and what they're selling doesn't always look fresh and sometimes is from the river--I prefer from the ocean. The truck I found parks in front of one of the restaurants that we have found to be very clean and he said he's there every Tuesday. I bought some fish from him and was able to "bread" it and bake it last night. It was quite tasty and we enjoyed it for dinner.

Last night we also enjoyed some English worship time together. This is something that we have decided to do on a weekly basis and the main purpose is for our family and Teresa to be able to have a time to sing songs of praise that we are familiar with. However, there are several who are interested in participating with us and we welcome that. Last night, Jose and Marlon joined us and we sang and prayed in our living room for about an hour. We believe more will join us next week. The main purpose of this time is to fill our cups but if it can serve another purpose and others enjoy it as well, then that is a double blessing. :)


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