Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Class information...

Jose asked Teresa and me to teach a class on Sundays to the young ladies of the church. This includes the young ladies age 12-ish and up. We are studying through a book called "Bad Girls of the Bible" with them. We're mostly using the book as a guideline and have told them the point is to learn from the mistakes of these "bad girls" and apply the lessons to our lives.

We are opening each lesson with a re-enactment of the Bible story, with the girls playing the roles in it. They enjoy doing this and laughing a little bit at themselves and each other. It is a fun time together and they seem to have some good thoughts on the application of the lessons.

Here's a picture when we re-enacted the story of Adam and Eve.

You'll see that Eve has a flower in her hair, Adam is wearing a tie, the serpent as a scarf around her neck, and the other girl is portaying the voice of God. We keep the props very simple. My hope in this is that the girls will see that they can use this same kind of method in teaching children's classes.

And on the subject of children's classes...There have been no children's classes in La Palma on Sunday mornings for several months for a variety of reasons. Jose has asked that we begin to help get them going again. Ruth and I will begin this in September. They will be for ages 5-10 and Jose is already telling the members about this. Because there have been no classes for the children, we have seen them begin to get wiggly and have behavior issues by the end of worship because they have sat for 2 hours. This will hopefully help with this issue as well. After we get the classes underway, we will begin to train some of the members here to teach the classes and we will gradually step back as they take on responsibilities. Ruth and I are looking forward to working on this project. Exciting things are happening! :)


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