Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lizard video

The other night as the kids were heading to bed we noticed a lizard on the outside of their window. We have come to enjoy the lizards that live around here because we've been told they eat bugs, especially mosquitos. Nathan and I watched a moth land near the lizard and waited to see what it would do. It soon moved quickly toward the moth, grabbed it, and ate it. We called Ruth and Monte in to watch as well and recorded it as it finished off the moth. As we waited to see what the lizard would do next, I started recording again and it went after another moth. I was using Ruth's camera to record and she'd told me the microphone was off so we didn't need to worry about talking while recording. It was pretty exciting to get this on video but as you'll notice, the microphone wasn't off...LOL. I've tried to load the video on Facebook but it won't load so I'll put it on here and allow you to enjoy our lesson on the circle of life as well. :)


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